Sink Your Fangs into the Metallics From the new MAC Nudes & Metallics Collection

MAC Subverted Lipstick…
Late last night, outside in a field under the light of the full moon (or was it the lamp on the nightstand by my bed?), I brought a frosted, deep plum lipstick from the MAC Nudes & Metallics collection as much as my lips as well as thought, “On my listing of preferred supernatural things…turning into a vampire ranks method down near the bottom.”

There’s the whole blood thing, the vampire politics, the aversions to garlic as well as ultraviolet light, the blood…


It just seems so very, extremely depressing.

But I assumption if I weren’t provided a option in the matter as well as unexpectedly discovered myself turned into a vampire, I wouldn’t be taking my style cues from the squeaky clean Cullens up in Forks. Asla! I’d go the Underworld path (mostly since of the fascinating makeup potential).

Picture it: dark eyes, dark lips as well as chiseled cheeks. Frosted deep reds, browns, berries as well as purples.


Kediler ve Makyaj Kazak ??

42 $

Şimdi satın al

Seductive satisfies sumptuous satisfies scary, like the nine pieces from the MAC Metallics collection, one of two sub-collections from the restricted edition Nudes & Metallics release, offered now solely at MAC pro stores.

Clad in any type of mix of Metallic’s four lipsticks, four eye shadows as well as its solitary blush, you’ll be so prepared to go after your prey. As you faced him/her/them (whatevs, you’re hungry!) in a dark alley, they wouldn’t understand whether they must attempt to run away, try to make out with you, or ask you what you’re using on your eyes, cheeks as well as lips.

Here’s a quick look at eight of the nine pieces…

Brazenly Eye Shadow, a deep metallic purple with a Veluxe Pearl surface ($15)
Crimson Tryst Eye Shadow, a deep metallic filthy berry with a Veluxe Pearl surface ($15)
Deep Fixation Eye Shadow, a metallic brown with a Veluxe Pearl surface ($15)

Stylish Me Blush, a deep, filthy mauve with a satin surface ($21)
Dominate Lipstick, a deep metallic purple with a frost surface ($15)
Pre-Raphaelite Lipstick, a deep metallic filthy berry with a frost surface ($15)
Show-All Lipstick, a heavily metallic deep red with a frost surface ($15)
Subverted Lipstick, a metallic brown with a frost surface ($15)
MAC Metallics Eye shadow from the left: Brazenly, Crimson Tryst as well as Deep Fixation; Powder blush in elegant Me on the right
MAC Metallics Lipstick from the left: Dominate, Pre-Raphaelite, Show-All as well as Subverted
Show-All Lipstick
Pre-Raphaelite Lipstick
Vampire time! That’s dominate Lipstick on my lips, Sytlish Me blush on my cheeks as well as Brazenly, Crimson Tryst as well as Deep Fixation Eye shadows on my eyes

To me, this collection feels like taking a bite out of the ripest, juiciest plum you’ve ever bitten as well as letting the juices dribble down the side of your chin. With its frosted completes as well as powerful pigment, it’s just so rich, elegant as well as intense!

Granted, these pieces may be a great deal to wear if you’re around my shade or lighter, unless you’re purposefully going for an artsy and/or vampiric look, so you may want to pick perhaps one or two of them to accent some neutrals, however I can see darker damsels having a ton of fun with ’em.

I like exactly how rich plum, berry as well as red tones play with deeper skin tones. I believe these pieces would be wildly gorgeous as well as wearable on darker damsels, as well as might even (almost) function as daily shades.

Of the two sub-collections, this excites me the most. great deals of prospective to truly vamp it up with some strong looks.

I’m lured to wear this look routinely on my walks with Tabs. It’s so much fun to play with colors like these. Plus, shhh! — I get a kick out of scaring the crap out of my neighbors.

Dost canlısı topluluk temyiz bağımlısı,



P.S. as well as ideal cue, my stomach just rumbled.

Oh, did I tell you what occurred last night? I was reading in bed with the window open as well as heard a mewling sound, which I believed for a second was a kitten outside, however then I realized that it was me…

HAHA! It was my stomach rumbling. That thing has a mind of its own.

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