Hey, Honey, Can You assist Me With My Allergies?

have you ever heard of honey to treat poor allergies? like seasonal sniffles, sneezes as well as itchy eyes? I had an fascinating conversation with Chelsea, a longtime MBB reader, crazy feline lady/bunny woman as well as all-around great gal (hey, Chels!), in the comments the other day about eating regional honey to assist with allergies.

Mine have been quite poor this year, however I’m always trying to prevent taking as well many real-deal allergy meds because, you know, I just don’t want to take them as well often, as well as the ones that work for me likewise make me sleepy, so, I’m available to other alternatives…


With the honey, as I comprehend it, the concept is that when you eat regional honey — that is, honey from bees that online in your area — it subjects you to a few of your regional allergens as well as can assist immunize you against big-time allergic reactions.

I like the noise of that. So I went to a farmers’ market on my lunch break today.

Got some white peaches (with the leaves still on) as well as a little jar of locally sourced honey.


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The guy running the stand even stated that about a third of all of his clients are people looking for assist with their allergies.

He had a whole lot of different honey brews as well as flavors. The one I got, as well as the one he recommended, is called Honey So Fresh, which is regional honey harvested extremely recently, since he stated that the most important thing is that the bees were subjected to the exact same allergens that are bothering you şu anda.


He suggested not adding it to anything hot, either, so no coffee or tea, as well as stated that the amount you have doesn’t matter as much as exactly how fresh it is. perhaps a teaspoon twice a day. Of program it doesn’t hurt that I absolutely like honey.

So that’s what I’m going to do for the next couple weeks, as well as I’ll report back to let you understand if it helped. ideally my allergies chill the eff out, man!

Maybe I’ll cut up this white peach as well as drizzle a bit honey on it, yum!
Have you ever tried regional honey to treat your allergies? Do you believe it helped?

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