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“Hello,” the sales associate said as Tabs entered the store. “Birşeyler bulmana yardımcı olabilir miyim?”

“Meow…” Tabs replied, a little unsure. The sales associate smiled expectantly. Tabs knew that he wanted something to brighten his fur, but these stores were always so overwhelming to him. So lots of rows and rows and aisles and stacks of products taller than him. He didn’t know where to start.


The associate nodded. Sekmeler, otomatik pilotta olduğu gibi, görünmeyen bir güçle çekilen mağazaya daha derine taşındı. Kürk parlatıcılar, kürk parlatıcılar, kürk parlatıcılar, kendisine odaklanmaya çalıştığını hatırlattı.

Around him were dozens of displays with sparkling glass vials, lively posters and trays filled with pigmented products. Bir parfüm karışımı havayı doldurdu.

Cats and cat ladies walked up and down the aisles, exploring the lots of treasures. lots of chatted with sales associates. “This one is great for soft paws,” he overheard one of the associates say. She was standing beside a husky Russian Blue Tabs recognized from his neighborhood.


Kediler ve Makyaj Kazak ??

42 $

Şimdi satın al

Tabs stopped in front of a display placed at cat eye level. new urban Decay amazing Feline fur Brightener! okur. “Miyav,” Purr-Chirped. Evet!

The display showed that it was available in eight colors. He saw Orange Tabby, Siamese, Tortie, and yes! Tabby de!

He pawed at the small boxes, trying to find the shade, but there were none to be found. Shoot, he thought, I think they’re out.

“Miyav?” En yakın satış ortaklarına sordu.

“Kontrol etmeme izin ver,” dedi, tezgahın arkasına gidiyor. “Yeah, those have been really popular lately. It’s weird, a seal-point Ragdoll came in yesterday and purchased all of the ones in the Tabby shade we had in stock.”

CHOUPETTE! Tabs immediately thought. That cat was always trying to sabotage him.

“I’m sorry,” the sales associate said, “it looks like we’re completely out, but I can buy one for you if you’d like.”

“Meow-rrow”, sekmeleri dedi. Evet lütfen. Bu harika olurdu. Bir sebep olmak zorunda kaldı, coupette sekmelerinin pençelerini bu gölgede almasını istemiyordu. A good reason, indeed.


Rise and shine, morning glory. delighted caturday!

Did you do anything fun last night? We pretty much took it easy out here, buuut I did see kittens.

Yup, after dinner we stopped by a local shopping center (I needed ice cream), and the pet food store there had three black and white kitten siblings up for adoption.

I seriously considered bringing all three of them home…

In other news, we enjoyed a fantastic WWII miniseries this week on Netflix called Generation War. It’s from the German perspective (English subtitles), which we don’t see a lot out here, about a group of five young friends and what happens to them during the war. highly recommended.

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope it’s grand. I’ll speak to you soon.

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