It’s a Fiesta of Feline autumn Fashion, aka a feline woman garments Bonanza, at Anthropologie

using a new hairstyle as well as feline woman clothing
We’re lucky we online in 2013, babe. It’s a purr-fect time to be a feline lady, purr-ticularly as it purr-tains to autumn fashion.

Fur serious!


I feel like feline fashion has been around the location lately (hello, tabby feline tee as well as sweater). Cat-themed clothes are having a major moment.

Of course, you understand I’m lovin’ it.

Today after my haircut I stopped by the Anthropologie store at the shopping center to investigate (read: try on) the latest in autumn feline fashion…


Kediler ve Makyaj Kazak ??

42 $

Şimdi satın al

Cats are big at Anthropologie right now, as well as a great deal of the stuff is quite darned cute.

Peter Som for Anthropologie feline gown ($198)

Love this dress!
The finest thing about this Peter Som for Anthropologie gown isn’t the vibrant print, or exactly how it might pass for floral from far away (like an optical illusion), or exactly how it miraculously makes waists look a bit thinner (although that’s fabulous, I gotta admit).


It has pockets. as well as they’re roomy, too. So practical for bring lipglosses and/or feline treats.

A closeup of the print
I wasn’t able to discover it online…so you may want to inspect your close-by Anthropologie store for availability.

Tabitha small Leopardeau jacket ($148)

Spotted: one feline lady
What a fun, versatile piece! You might wear the Tabitha small Leopardeau jacket ($148) loose, by keeping the drawstrings at the midsection undrawn, or cinch them in for a more fitted look like I’m using in these pics.

I’m still kicking myself for not bringing this home…
I bet the khaki, black as well as tan would go well with tons of different shoes, boots as well as purses.

Elevenses Leopard Trapeze coat ($228)

Fabulously feline faux fur (also understood as FFFF)
Don’t you believe the Elevenses Leopard Trapeze ($228) leopard faux fur coat has a teasing vintage feel?

I have a feeling my feline overlord would approve…
I believe it would look truly adorable with black skinny denim or leggings as well as knee-high or over-the-knee boots.

Moth Leo Pullover ($98)

Cat woman sweater!
This Moth Leo Pullover ($98) is roomy as well as super soft.

Purr-fect spots
Wear it with your preferred pair of denim as well as some dainty silver jewelry.

Sleeping on Snow Guepardo Pullover ($118)

I’m seeing spots…
This chunky knit Sleeping on Snow Guepardo Pullover ($118) is so cozy.

It likewise is available in light blue.

Peter Som for Anthropologie feline shirt ($148)

It’s meow time


The black, white as well as red print on this Peter Som for Anthropologie shirt ($148) makes a strong statement, however like the Peter Som gown above, I can’t seem to discover it online, so inspect your close-by Anthro store if you’re interested.

Feline fashion rules!
Your friendly community feline addict,


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