An Insider’s guide to makeup buying in Italy

I don’t understand about you, however being the charm enthusiast that I am, whenever I travel to a foreign country I’m always on the search for makeup products I can’t discover back home. No fridge magnets for me; lipsticks are my preferred souvenirs!

Follow me today on a bit online buying spree of Bologna, to ensure that the next time you see Italy, you’ll be completely capable of discovering your method with the Italian charm jungle on your own.


Let’s go to the old town then, shall we? because there’s a great deal of range in terms of stores, it’s certainly the very best location for shopping, as well as we can do a bit of sightseeing too… I’ll see you by the Neptune Fountain, Bologna’s many prominent satisfying point.

Neptune Fountain as well as Piazza Maggiore, the primary square, in the background
If you’re thinking about high-end cosmetics, we ought to go to a profumeria (beauty store). many profumerie belong to huge retail chains, like Sephora, Limoni or Douglas, however rather a few independent stores still survive. a few of these are called bioprofumerie as well as only bring natural as well as organic products. would you like to inspect one out?

This Limoni charm store utilized to be a church, as well as it was developed in the 18th century. Can you see the décor inside? quite cool, eh?
Another Limoni store best next to a fishmonger. There are great deals of remarkable independent food stores in this area. would you like to have a look around?
Tortellini on display, one of Bologna’s numerous specialties
Oh, you’re stating you’d rather go to a makeup counter? Well, actually, right here we don’t truly have makeup counters. Our department stores are typically smaller than those in the US, as well as many of the time their charm departments only have self-service aisles instead of counters.


Kediler ve Makyaj Kazak ??

42 $

Şimdi satın al

Coin, aka the Italian Macy’s
If you’re searching for what you’d phone call ‘drugstore makeup’, we can’t go to a drugstore.

Neden bana soruyorsun? Well, since our drugstores (farmacie) are extremely different from American ones as well as don’t offer much else other than medicines. The only charm products you can discover there are French pharmacy skincare (Bioderma, La Roche Posay, Avène, as well as the like), so if you’re thinking about Maybelline or similar Italian brands, we ought to go to a supermarket instead.

Here, all supermarkets have a charm corner where you can discover products in the drugstore cost range. The exact same kinds of products can likewise be discovered at Acqua & Sapone or Tigotà, two retail chains that specialize in cleaning supplies as well as personal care items.

I don’t understand if you have something similar in the US, however they kinda remind me of drugstores, minus the drugs!

A farmacia (drugstore) on a pedestrian street in Bologna’s old town


In the old town there are almost 25 miles of porticoes, which will keep us sheltered from any type of type of weather

Of program we’re going to KIKO! Being an Italian company, their stores right here are actually EVERYWHERE. There are likewise a few other standalone stores of similar brands you may want to inspect out. One I personally understand as well as like is WYCON, however the other day I set foot in a Flormar for the very first time as well as saw they had this huge choice of vibrant nail polishes you may likewise enjoy… overall eye candy!

Perusing Flormar’s screen for the very first time
If you’re exhausted from all the walking as well as buying (it’s a difficult life, I know), we can stop for a bit lunch whenever you want. may I treat you to a good choice of regional cheese as well as chilly cuts?

OK, friend, now that our tummy is full, I believe we can phone call it a day. I hope you delighted in our bit charm trip of Bologna. Let’s do it once again sometime!

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