Where was it made?

On this labour Day holiday, I believed I would analyze where in the world our cosmetics are made.  It’s something that I always take note whenever I purchase a product – I like to turn over the compact or box to discover that fine print: made in xx / fabriqué au xx. For me personally, of the common cosmetics creating countries, here’s exactly how I rank them in terms of quality, from high to low: Disclaimer: this publish in no method is a reflection of all high qualities of products made in each country. I comprehend that there are high as well as low high quality products made in every country. This is a generalized overview, as well as as such, there will be exceptions.

France – many noteworthy for perfumes as well as skincare.  Certain brands solely produce in France, staying true to their origin, such as Guerlain, Chanel, as well as Bourjois.  I feel that these brands focus on controlling both the heritage and integrity of their products.  There are likewise outstanding pharmacy skincare brands like Nuxe, Avene as well as Bioderma – fortunately in Canada we have simple gain access to to these brands!

Bourjois bit round Pot Blush, Guerlain Meteorites Perles, Yves Rocher eyeshadow, Sisley makeup remover
Interestingly, I discovered that my benefit Boxed Powder blush altered from “Made in USA” (in the shade Dallas) to “Made in France” (Hervana) as well as 4g less product!

Italy – the majority of baked products are made in Italy, from Hourglass, to MAC, as well as all the method to drugstore brands like Milani.  I would state Italy’s niche in cosmetics is pigment products, particularly eye shadows as well as blushes.

Milani Baked Blush, Clinique Cheek Pop Blush, Body shop Shimmer Waves, Laura Mercier Caviar Stick, Burberry Light glow blush
I noticed that my Canadian L’Oreal color Infallible eye shadows are made in Italy however the ones from the us are made in the USA. Ha!

Japan – similar to France, there are specific brands that manufacture their products solely in Japan to keep production in their house country; brands include Shiseido, Anna Sui (even though she’s American, her brand is mainly an Oriental one), as well as Shu Uemura.  I discover Japanese skincare, liquid liners as well as mascaras to be exceptional to others on the market.

Kate (by Kanebo) eye shadow, Shu Uemura eye shadow, Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye color Trio, Shu Uemura glow On blush
Germany – is the king of pencil products.  Take a look at any type of of your eye or lip liners, nine times out of ten they’re made in Germany, no matter the brand.  This is part of the reason I don’t truly bother purchasing truly high end eye liners because I feel like drugstore brands carry out just in addition to the high end brands.  Germany likewise is where Kryolan (theatrical makeup) as well as Illamasqua powder products are made (Kryolan creates for Illamasqua).

Lise Watier, NYX, Lancome, Prestige eye as well as lip liners
Australia – there are some high high quality natural skincare lines from Australia, like Antipodes, Sukin, as well as Jurlique.  But the present many widely known Australian brand is Becca.

Sukin toner, Becca as well as Illamasqua nail polish
UK – I don’t see this as commonly anymore, however mainly skincare products particularly from the Body Shop.  Some Rimmel products are still made in the UK.

Steam Cream, Body shop Vitamin E toner, Rimmel lipstick, Rimmel Apocalips
Canada – possibly I’m biased however I believe Canada has the us beat in terms of cosmetics product quality.  A great deal of brands create their foundations, eye shadows, blushes – just about anything – you name it, right here in Canada.  Brands include MAC, Nars, Cargo, Bobbi brown etc.

Nars eye shadow, Cargo blush, MAC blush, MAC eye shadow
USA – by far the most prolific of all the cosmetic creating countries (at least, from my point of view, because I’m in north america – this may not hold true for you if you online in, say, Australia!)  Every type of cosmetics – skincare,  haircare, foundations, colour cosmetics – as well as a broad variety of brands as well as high quality are produced in the US.  I believe most likely 90% of my nail polishes are made in the US.

Clinique eye shadow, Estee Lauder eye shadow, theBalm Instain blush, difficult candy eye shadow, Milani eye shadow, Nars eye shadow
I discovered that only “Made in US” products would likewise specify that they utilized “foreign” or imported parts – I’m presuming the packaging from China:

Physicians formula deal with powder, CoverGirl foundation, CoverGirl mascara
Poland – I began noticing “made in Poland” much more just recently on my makeup products, mainly from Essence as well as Inglot.  The high quality of them are rather good!  I hope to try much more products made in Poland.

Inglot eye shadow, Essence eye shadow
South Korea – acquiring larger exposure ever because the spread of BB creams, which originated from Korea.  I never believed I’d be seeing The deal with shop as well as Holika Holika standalone stores right here in Canada.

Skin79 BB Cream, Etude home mascara base, Missha BB Cream
Mexico – I’ve discovered a few skincare products made in Mexico: Nivea creams as well as some shower gels from Yves Rocher.  I haven’t yet come across any colour cosmetics made in Mexico.

Hong Kong / Taiwan – I still separate out Hong Kong / Taiwan from China because their cultures are rather different, and the advancement of their producing elegance differ greatly.  Once, I was at Winners and was rather taken aback when I discovered some Edward Bess cosmetics were made in Taiwan! [Here’s a picture of a blush label] For such a high end brand, you’d believe they would make it elsewhere?

NYX lipgloss, smooth blush
China – while China is a powerhouse when it concerns producing electronics, textiles as well as plastics – I’m still cautious about cosmetics made there (especially lip / deal with products that are liquid in nature).  Made in China is sometimes “disguised” as “Made in PRC” which stands for People’s Republic of China. Generally, I would state that less costly brands like wet n Wild, NYX, e.l.f., nyc as well as smooth create their products in China.  And I would state that most likely 95% of the packaging for many cosmetics are imported from China as well as the contents are made elsewhere; I have no problems with that.  I do have problems with high-end brands creating in China as well as still charging exorbitant prices!

Ultimately, I just don’t have a high level of count on when it concerns cosmetics or skincare made in China. I discover it telling that business will specify on the product that it is “Designed in [a country with higher perceived quality], made in China”, like these labels:

Revolution blush palette, e.l.f. loose powder, wet n Wild bronzer, Revlon eye shadow
Some interesting countries of origin that I’ve discovered from my stash:
• Illamasqua Skin Base foundation made in Thailand
• Smashbox blush rush made in China
• MAC Cleansing Oil made in Japan
• Guerlain clean made in Mauritius (I had to look this country up, it’s an island nation in the Indian Ocean, near Madagascar)
• Body shop Colour Crush nail polish made in France
• Illamasqua nail polishes made in Australia
• Vichy Mineral Powder foundation made in Spain
• Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye shadow Pencil made in France
• Avanti 2000 hairdryer made in Italy (It was a genuine selling function when the person was selling it to me.  It is a great hairdryer, although I didn’t understand if Italian made hair appliances are truly suprior.)

Do you take notice of where your cosmetics are made?  Anything fascinating you’ve noticed?

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