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I just saw this identify on A appeal venture as well as rushed to do it, since I’ve got a wee bit of a chilly ideal now (ugh summer colds are the pits) as well as I wished to do an uplifting post! (and I still haven’t gotten around to completing that mammoth “50 things That Make Me Happy” tag)

Favorilerim… *

Place: Scotland

Person: Oprah

Side note: I want to develop my own Lego Oscars statue one day

Mor renk

Food: I can’t choose between sushi as well as ramen so I’ll just state Japanese food in general

Smell: A bakery

Book: Animalia by Graeme Base (I recognize this is a photo book, however I just like it!)

Movie: The normal Suspects

Music artist: U2

Genre of music: Mix bag of stuff – people / rock / alternative?

Genre of literature: Non-fiction

Magazine: Not much of a magazine visitor now, however I utilized to sign up for Harper’s Bazaar, I just liked their innovative direction

Su iç

Precious stone: Ruby (I’m somewhat biased considering that this is my birthstone)

Animal: Owls – see my newest addition:

Flower: Lilies

Video game: I’m categorized as a “casual gamer” indicating I like puzzle games such as Gummy drops or hidden item games like Dream Day very first Home. I’m lame, I know.

TV Show: I don’t enjoy much present TV shows, however I did truly like Arrested Development.

Fruit: Mango

Vegetable: Spinach

Historical figure: Pablo Picasso

Boy’s name: Joshua

Girl’s name: Stella

Potato chip flavor: ordinary (I just don’t like chips that much…)

Meal of the day: Brunch!  I’m a sucker for Eggs Benedict:

Ice cream flavor: Mint chocolate chip

Soda: Stewart’s crucial Lime

Season: Autumn

Month of the year: December (because of all the days off)

Disney princess: Cinderella (which includes one of my much-loved Disney scenes of all time – when they’re making her dress)

YouTube channel: Siobhán of LetzMakeup

Eye color: Hazel

Dessert: chocolate molten lava cake

* Disclaimer, these are all a favourite, not necessarily the favourite, since ah, you know, fickle is my middle name.

I’d like to see your favourites as well! Please link if you do this Tag.

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