Blogmas 2016: The smells of Christmas

You’re believing to yourself, “that Stashy is truly running out of concepts for this Blogmas thing, isn’t she?”  Well, hear me out!  I believe we focus so much on our sense of sight that we sometimes neglect our other senses.  For previous Blogmas posts, I’ve already focused on the sense of hearing (Christmas music) so why not talk about exactly how Christmas smells?

Yes, there will be talk of food… however likewise some fragrances too!

It’s typical understanding that scents are most strongly connected with memories so it’s only natural to be reminded of considerable events like the holidays with specific smells. Here’s what I odor during Christmastime:

Maple glazed spiral ham

Ever since we found spiral ham a few years ago, we haven’t looked back. who needs turkey when we can have damp tasty spiral ham with crispy outer bits?


Since this is a winter fruit, as well as it seems to be more prevalent during the holiday season. To me, clementines odor sweeter yet more tart than oranges.

zencefilli çörek

I like ginger molasses cookies at any type of time of the year, however gingerbread cookies are in plentiful supply during the holidays as well as I gobble them up!

Mulled apple cider

We like ours with sticks of cinnamon – so wonderful as well as warm!

Prada candy Perfume

I was surprised that I ended up loving this perfume after trying a sample a few years ago; I went out as well as bought the full size right away.  I would explain it as a smokey caramel scent that isn’t cloying or juvenile. I enjoy using this during the winter months, particularly around the holidays!

BBW Vanilla Snowflake candle

I got this for Christmas last year – I had particularly requested this scent after smelling it in the store. The private notes are explained as: Creamy Vanilla, Iced Fir, Wintry Mint, Coconut Flakes. It is a comforting warm scent that isn’t overpowering – I’ve been burning this all week (in fact, right now!)

What are the smells you partner with Christmas?

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Can you believe that it’s Christmas Eve already!?

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