A drugstore makeup Look: mainly synthetic Freckles, Winged liner as well as bright Magenta Matte Lipstick

a few of these freckles are real, as well as others…not so much!
The synthetic freckle pattern has been around for a while, as well as I’m providing it a try. have you tried it yet?

Today I used a smattering of freckles for fun, as well as ya know…it’s a bit strange to touch up your genuine freckles to make them blend in as well as look as “freckle-y” as your fake ones, however hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta perform in the quest of makeup experimentation!


How to fake freckles

This sprinkling of speckles comes courtesy of a drugstore brow pen in a warm brown shade.

İşte yaptıklarım:

After completing my makeup (base, blush, eyes, everything), I lightly dabbed the pen on top of any type of existing freckles to darken them, because they were hidden under tinted moisturizer as well as concealer.

Next, I stippled a few additional synthetic areas for funsies.

Then, I waited a couple minutes for the freckles to dry.

When they were totally dry, I diffused the areas a tad by carefully dabbing a skunk clean that I’d utilized earlier to blend my base… It just took the edge off so they wouldn’t look as certainly fake.

And that was it! If you don’t have a brow pen, a brow pencil works as well — either choice produces a beautiful semi-transparency, so your freckles don’t just look like dots drawn on your face, as well as has a longer wear time than, say, a creamy pencil liner would.


Kediler ve Makyaj Kazak ??

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If you don’t have a brow pen or pencil around, you can likewise routine pencil eyeliner; however, if you’re going to go the liner route, you’ll want one that 1) has a matte surface as well as 2) is long-lasting and/or water resistant to avoid your areas from smearing around your face.

No winged liner woes here

Also up in the mix of this look? Winged liner! I haven’t done wings in a minute, so I’m extremely rusty. So I cheated a bit as well as utilized surgical tape on the outer corners to set the angles.

You can utilize routine tape too, however I choose the surgical tape since it doesn’t pull my skin as hard.

Hello, winged liner.
Whatever tape you use, wait up until your liner is totally dry before lifting it off; otherwise, the tape may eliminate product where it’s still wet as well as leave your dots with fuzzy edges.

This is especially essential if you’re utilizing runny or runny-ish liquid liner.

Ah! — as well as to make sure the tape doesn’t eliminate any type of of your base, do your eyes before your foundation, concealer, etc.

One last thing — whatever in this look is drugstore.

Drugstore beauty, baby!
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